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Are you a Tech Recruiter

facing the following challenges?

Cost-cutting measures

Your business suffered drastic changes in your operations in 2020, mainly due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Time Constraints

The number of candidates for the job positions you are offering is overwhelming.

The perfect hire proves nearly impossible to find

Your company’s tech stack is so specific that finding good candidates seems very difficult.

We are introducing you to

the Slashscore recruiter module

While one can argue that two developers can be extremely similar, Slashscore means to shed light exactly on the unique aspects of each of them. When not working exclusively on private projects, software engineers leave a digital footprint that can be quantified. By measuring this digital footprint, they can get an idea of areas where they shine, as well as discover fields that could use improvement.

In the near future, your ability to find top talent will depend a lot on your ability to automate a great part of your workflow by having a systematic approach to hiring such as Slashscore.

The future of tech recruitment

Slashscore uses machine learning to bring together ambitious tech companies and top software engineers from all over the world.

Indisputable results

Our AI matching platform and 10+ integrations are an insurance of the score quality of each candidate who is actively looking for a new position.

Ultimately you are saving a lot of time that would otherwise go wasted on technical interviews with irrelevant applicants.

Smarter and Faster

By automating 90% of the hiring process we estimate that you will spend 60% less sourcing hours for finding the best tech candidates for the job.

Slashscore is using AI to parse developers profiles for job-related keywords the HR team sets and then it builds pools of candidates based on shared skills and experience levels, removing unqualified candidates in an instant.

Bias-Free Decision Process

Find the right tech candidates for your projects based on scores that show their potential to grow rather than background or academic credentials alone.

Currently as a recruiter you are confined to looking at developers' Linkedin profiles to determine the quality of their work. However, while Linkedin is an available resource, it is not sufficient for making decisions about a developer’s quality. Linkedin provides a subjective picture of a developer, whereas Slashscore gives an objective evaluation.

Minimized hiring costs

Based on the selected filters and the ML-powered matching algorithm, Slashscore will generate a list of potential candidates that you should approach.

Insights into a developer’s personality, skills and coding preferences

It only takes a quick glance at a software engineer’s Slashscore profile to understand the areas of expertise, level of experience, coding preferences, work values, tools of the trade, and spare time hobbies.


Are you struggling to get through your endless to-do lists? Do you spend days wondering where time flew without any results?
Slashscore brings your candidates directly to the interview phase.

Using Slashscore is essential if you want to attract and hire the top percentage of tech talent for your company in an instant. Never miss out on the perfect hire as Slashscore helps you to streamline your recruiting strategy and guarantee that your business stands out from the rest.

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Some of the incredible companies using Slashscore

If you are a tech recruiter who wants to hire the company’s next brilliant developer, using Slashscore will bring you closer to your objective.

Join Slashscore today to be part of the world’s next tech recruitment revolution!

“I strongly believe that the key to finding tech professionals aligned to your company’s needs lies in owning your hiring process. That’s why we have made it our mission to launch Slashscore, a powerful tool that guarantees the quality of candidates who make it to the interview stage.”

Corina Craescu

Co-Founder, Wingravity

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