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Slashscore is an innovative platform that bridges the gap between skilled software engineers and tech recruiters. On one hand, the platform enables software developers to perform self-assessments, by gathering…

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3 questions and answers

New in Slashscore

Version 0.6

Release Date 1 Apr. 2021
New feature

Developers have now the possibility to sign-in using Google.

We've also implemented a text editor for multi-line field for the recruiters module. Interested to see it in action? Book a demo here.

Bug fix
  • Fixed sorting for score history
  • Fixed activity notification error
  • Fixed duplicate profile bug on matches list
  • Disabled auto-close feature on dropdowns
  • Enabled caching matches list
  • Added new technologies in the technologies list
  • Sticky profile details section - scroll only the main content
  • Added match list filters

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