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Has your company cut down its recruiting budget because of the pandemic? Are you facing difficulties reaching out to top talent? Or maybe the number of candidates is overwhelming. Here’s how Slashscore can help solve all these recruitment challenges and many others.
Author: Corina Craescu
Posted on: 14 Dec. 2020
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- Recruiters challenges due to the global COVID-19 pandemic
- Short introduction on the Recruiter’s module
- How to hire software engineers using the Recruiter’s module
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Are you a recruiter facing the following challenges?

Many organizations have been determined to make drastic changes in their business operations in 2020, mainly due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Cost-cutting measures hit many departments, and Human Resources certainly wasn’t an exception. While some companies had to cut down recruiting budgets, others brought hiring to a complete stop.

If this sounds familiar to you, then it’s time to look for strategies that can increase the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Budget constraints are not the only challenge, though. There are also time constraints, especially when the number of candidates for certain positions is overwhelming. And then there are times when finding the perfect hire proves nearly impossible because of the company’s very specific tech stack. In all of these situations, discovering the most relevant candidates is essential.

If you’re wondering how to make your recruitment process more cost-effective, one immediate solution is to stop wasting time in technical interviews with irrelevant candidates. But then, how can you tell what makes developer A better than developer B?

We are introducing to you the Slashscore recruiter module

In the near future, a tech recruiter’s ability to find top talent will depend a lot on their ability to automate a great part of their workflow. Using machine learning algorithms for this is certainly one of the best solutions, as these can already outperform humans by over 25%, as revealed in an NBER study on 300,000 hires.

Slashscore approaches tech hiring from several different angles, to ensure that recruiters can always find the best person for the job as a very effective way to reduce hiring time that translates eventually into lower expenses.

Currently recruiters are confined to looking at developers' Linkedin profiles to determine the quality of their work. However, while Linkedin is an available resource, it is not sufficient for making decisions about a developers quality. Linkedin provides a subjective picture of a developer - whereas, Slashscore gives an objective evaluation.

Measuring developers’ performance should instead be based on scores that are calculated using machine learning and integrations such as Github, StackOverflow, Meetup, Medium, etc.

Having all the information centralized and organized is going to make the life of any developer and recruiter easier. Machine learning has enabled us to find patterns that helped in generating fair scores for everyone who joins Slashscore, based on the effort they put into their current projects.

By automating 90% of the hiring process we estimate that you will spend 60% less sourcing hours for finding the best tech candidates for the job. Considering that HR specialists spend on average 18% of the time sourcing the candidates and 26% of the time in screening them, Slashscore can really streamline the recruitment process.

Slashscore makes your hiring efforts cost-effective because you’ll have a smart filtering system at your disposal. Based on the selected filters and the machine learning-powered matching algorithm, Slashscore will generate a list of potential candidates that you should approach.

You’ll also have the option to filter candidates based on very specific tech criteria, Slashscore saves you a lot of time that would otherwise go wasted on technical interviews with irrelevant applicants. Also, Slashscore provides deeper insights into a developer’s personality, skills and coding preferences, after just by glancing at their profile and scores.

Hiring developers using Slashscore recruiter module

1. Create a recruiter account by adding basic information and hiring preferences including technologies you are looking for in potential candidates.

2. Start publishing jobs. You have the option to save them as final or as draft.

3. Based on the published jobs, Slashscore will generate matches according to your preferences and order them by scores. Note: Only the developer profiles that have “Actively looking for work” or “Not looking but open to new work” will be listed.

4. Send offers to the selected developers including the offered salary, extra benefits and a custom message to let them know what makes your company stand out.

After receiving offers from multiple companies, the developers have the option to either:

  1. Accept the offer and schedule a call with the recruiter
  2. Refuse the offer including a comment on why your offer wasn’t accepted.

What makes a recruitment strategy cost-effective is not how much money you’re spending while looking for a candidate, but getting the absolute best talent for the spent amount. Slashscore can definitely be used as a way to optimize the hiring process, since it will ensure that your vacant roles are filled without going over the allocated budget.

To have a better understanding of how Slashscore works, we invite you to a demo. All you need to do is leave your contact information and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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